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Gabriel Shocks vs Monroe Shocks

Gabriel Shocks vs Monroe Shocks – Leaders in innovation
Choosing the right set of shockers for your vehicle can certainly enhance the drive pleasure and augment the life of your vehicle. The answer to the question to whether opt for Gabriel shocks or go for a more premium Monroe shocks is rather difficult one. Opting for a new set of shocks can be a pain with myriad options available in the market today. Your best bet in this case is going with the shockers that your car manufacture recommends. Gabriel shocks and Monroe shocks are both leaders in car shockers and strut industry and have a long history of advancement.  It is highly recommended that you purchase shockers that fit well and come recommended by the car company.  Monroe and Gabriel have a wide variety of shock absorbers available both for heavy as well as light vehicles. They also have a huge arsenal of aftermarket products and special kits for off road and on road driving.
Gabriel Shock Absorbers
Gabriel Shocks is a reputed brand with a strong holding over the shock absorbers market. The main advantages that Gabriel has over other brands are ready to install units, after sales record and relatively low price. Shocks from Gabriel feature chrome plated 14mm piston which is finished to perfection to provide best in the class performance. We all know what kind of pounding our cars take in an off road adventure therefore Gabriel have a special series of fitments for the same purposes. The technology used in these absorbers is world class and the chambers are filled with highly pressurized Nitrogen Gas along with floating piston technology to enhance the performance in rugged areas. With a large 46 mm bore extension, the responsiveness and shock absorbing capabilities is increased manifold. For maintaining the temperature, the absorbers are made with seamless mono – tube design. As of this year, the prices range from $35 to $45 per set of absorbers depending on your need and the type of vehicle.
Monroe Shock Absorbers
Monroe absorbers are one of most coveted and performance oriented units. The primary facet of these shock absorbers is the austerity that helps your car from the worst conditions on or off road. The half inch nitro carburized piston rod helps the vehicle to adjust to any difficult condition giving the absorbers a longer lifespan.  One thing that differentiates Gabriel vs Monroe, is that Monroe shocks come with a self lubricating special seal to keep the pressurized Nitrogen gas in the tube. The tube comes with tapered grooves which perform the function of an extra valve to adjust to the road condition more effectively.
To differentiate between the two is a tough ask. Both are equally reputed companies that have been catering to our car fitting requirements from a long time. To sum this up, car enthusiasts who want a more performance oriented shock absorbers and can afford a tad higher priced fitments can opt for Monroe. Those who like to have rugged and long lasting in a limited budget can opt for Gabriel Shock absorbers.

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts for comfort ride

We are very well aware of the terms shock absorbers and what role struts play in our vehicles. In earlier times however, they were given very little importance. With changing times and rapid advancement in technology, ride in your car has become as comfortable as sitting on a couch in your living room. The suspension system has come of age and has become one of most important part of your vehicle. Even the most tiring journeys and rough roads have no visible effect on our comfort ride. Shocks and struts have certainly made travel more of pleasure than pain. This all comes at a price though. Shocks and struts of cars wear out after some time and need to be replaced before any further damage is done to the complex suspension system. As is the proverb, a stitch in time saves nine, changing shock absorbers is a good way to show your vehicle that you care.
Test your shocks and struts
An extremely simple test can tell you whether the shock absorbers need to be replaced or not. Push your vehicle towards ground and let it come up and repeat the cycle for both back and front wheels. A number of cyclic pushes and after the final release, if the vehicle comes back to its normal position without further bouncing up and down, the shocks are still road worthy. Worn out shock keep bouncing and it is an indication that you need to replace them. It is also considered good to replace shocks after a certain mileage on your odometer, though not mandatory, but to be on the safer side. After replacement you will witness a visible difference in the car’s performance as well. This is due to the fact that tires, shock absorbers have a very close relationship with control of the vehicle. Each vehicle has a different requirement which depends on the usage and handling of the car. Gabriel shocks have a wide variety of shocks for sedans, hatchbacks, SUV’s etc.

Changing Shocks and struts
It is an elaborate procedure to change your shocks and struts and should be done only by a certified mechanic. A consistent check on other parts of the vehicle is also mandatory as worn out shocks can have effect on them too. To make it simple for a layman, you must inspect the shocks and struts at 15,000 and 25,000 mark and if they are fine, you must get them replaced by the time the odometer reaches 50,000 miles mark. Gabriel shocks are the leaders of innovation and technology in the shocks and struts department.

Gabriel Shock Absorbers

The top of the line Gabriel shock absorbers are one way of ensuring that your car performs flawlessly. Basically, shocks and struts are an important part of the safety structure of your vehicle. They ensure that the performance of the vehicle is proper, and the braking etc. is assisted and maintained. Therefore, it is essential that the shocks and struts of your vehicle are always performing at their best. Whenever you notice that there are some underlying problems with the performance of your shocks, you should think about getting them replaced. As a rule, you should replace your shock absorbers after every 50,000 miles. When going for a replacement, the interesting options of Gabriel shocks prove to be the best.

Gabriel Max Control Shocks
The Gabriel Max Control shocks are one of the best Gabriel shock absorbers available from the stable of Gabriel. These shocks are designed to perform at their best and this is the reason why they have won some prestigious awards for the company. Successive winner of awards in North America, the Gabriel Max Control shocks have been outperforming their competition since a long time. Essentially designed for SUVs and trucks, these Gabriel struts and shocks can provide you the performance that you need in any terrain. These Gabriel shocks are known to provide the most comfortable ride due to the specifications with which it has been made. The shock absorbers have some specifications which make them highly responsive to the needs of the terrain. Overall, these Gabriel shocks prove to be a worthy replacement for the worn out shock absorbers of your SUV or truck.

Gabriel Hijacker Shocks

The Gabriel Hijacker shocks are another quality product that can help you in getting the performance that you need. These shocks are air adjustable and can be used to prevent the problem of bottoming out. Basically, these Gabriel shocks assist the truck when there is some towing or hauling required on a temporary basis. They can inflate and provide extra stability to the truck while it is towing the load. The promises made by these Gabriel are true and they stick to their performance and role in the worst conditions too. Overall, the different Gabriel shock absorbers have everything that you expect from a quality shock absorber.

Gabriel Shocks Review

Checking a Gabriel shocks review can be a helpful exercise that can assist you in buying the best shock absorbers for your car. Basically, there are different shocks available from this brand that can help you in finding the best shock absorber for yourself. Through these Gabriel shockers reviews, you can take a look at the pros and cons of different Gabriel shock absorbers and which one suits your budget. Here, we are going to carry out a generic shocks review that can tell you about the major pros and cons related to these shock absorbers. These points are applicable to almost all types of Gabriel struts and shocks.

Advantages of Gabriel Shock absorbers
In order to get started with a review of Gabriel shock absorbers, we are going to take a look at the pros first. The best part about the different shocks is that they are designed while ensuring the highest quality standards. It is a custom to provide the customer with the best quality of Gabriel shock absorbers that bring joy while driving. The value for money of these Gabriel shockers is another factor that cannot be understated. These shocks work out to be the best offerings that fit the budget of most people. The performance that is given by these Gabriel shock absorbers is much better than the performance of a lot many other shock absorbers. The use of chrome pistons in each of the Gabriel shockers and struts is another factor that adds to the performance and function of these shock absorbers. The use of G-Force technology, an award winning patent technology, is another factor that makes these Gabriel shocks stand apart from the crowd. In short, if you are looking for the best types of shock absorbers with all the above factors, you can go for any of the Gabriel shock absorbers available these days.

Disadvantages of Gabriel Shockers
While the list of the advantages of Gabriel shockers is quite long, there are some minor disadvantages of the same that have been reported over time. The Gabriel Vs Monroe shocks is an old comparison that has been troubling Gabriel shocks since a long time. Therefore, it is essential that you take a look at the Gabriel shocks review of specific models before you buy any of these shock absorbers.

Gabriel Air Shocks

Selecting Gabriel Air Shocks
For selecting Gabriel air shocks, you need to take a look at your requirements as these Gabriel shocks are at the higher end of the scale. Basically, Gabriel shock absorbers are priced well and they never turn out to be too costly or a waste of money. Most of the Gabriel shocks are designed and priced to ensure that the customers get a bang for their buck and are satisfied from every angle. However, if you are thinking about getting a high priced Gabriel shock absorbers, you should have a particular use for them. Gabriel air shocks come as different products, with Gabriel Hijacker shocks being the most popular of the lot.

The Gabriel Hijacker shocks are one of the best offerings from Gabriel shock absorbers. These air adjustable Gabriel shockers and struts are made with the highest quality standards. In order to understand their function, you first need to know the definition of air adjustable shock absorbers. These air adjustable shock absorbers work by changing the orientation and working of the Gabriel shocks. You can easily find the best arrangement for these shocks as this depends upon the type of use you have. If you are thinking about towing a temporary load, you would have to change the setting of these shocks. As soon as you drop the load, you can think about changing the setting of the Gabriel air shocks back to normal. This dual function of the Gabriel shockers ensures that you are able to perform a variety of tasks with these Gabriel shock absorbers. If, however, you do not need the services of such Gabriel air shocks, you should think about the other products available from Gabriel. There are several other Gabriel shocks that can be selected according to your requirements.

Discount Shock Absorbers

In case you need these Gabriel Hijacker shocks, but are not able to justify the price, the idea of discount shock absorbers can work well for you. You can get some discount shock absorbers easily as several online stores tend to put them up for sale on a periodic basis. You can make most of such offers by buying discount shock absorbers from these online stores. There is a high chance that you would be able to knock a few percentages off the actual price of these Gabriel air shocks.

Gabriel Shocks – The Elite Shockers

Gabriel Shocks is a name that most of us are familiar with. They opened operations in 1900 when Clade Foster, Founder of Gabriel filed for patent of the first automotive direct Shock absorber, “The Gabriel Snubber”. Since then, Gabriel shocks have been the leader in technology and advancement in the field of suspension and ride control. They are attributed to many new innovative products that have certainly revolutionized the automotive industry. Considered as one of leaders in the shock absorbers and struts industry, Gabriel has a wide range of products to suit all your vehicle needs.
Function of Shock absorbers

Primarily, shock absorbers are extensively used in the vehicles suspension system and are a momentous part of automobile and motorcycle suspensions. While Gabriel shocks produce stock shockers for various models, they also have a large assortment of specialized shock absorbers that are used for racing purposes. In layman terms, Shock absorbers are a mechanical device that absorb or dampen shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy. Shock absorbers serve to smooth out bumps / shocks and work as dampener, thus improving ride quality and increasing comfort. While the old school springs can only store the energy, these shock absorbers actually help to dissipate or absorb energy. Spring-based shock absorbers encompass coil springs or leaf springs which are a rare commodity these days.
With advancement in technology and innovative line of products in the market, externally adjustable shock absorbers and automatically adjustable absorbers are the order of the day. They also make fine tuning a hassle free process. While some shock absorbers also facilitate in tuning of the ride through control of the valve by a physical adjustment, some employ automatic control for the right adjustment. The shock absorbers do not only avert bouncy ride, but also control the array of suspension movement. The specialized shock absorbers for racing vehicles are designed keeping in mind the speed and the beating they take on track and off track. A vehicle without shock absorbers would result in an appalling riding / driving experience as there would be no medium to absorb shock waves and dissipate the energy.
Rise of Gabriel Shocks
In the year 1900, Claude Fauster, a mastermind in the automotive industry was responsible for setting up a company named “Gabriel” after its first product (Gabriel Horse carriage horns) in Cleveland. The first shock absorber, known as ‘Snubber’ was a big hit and was granted the first US patent for direct shock absorbing parts. The company prospered and became one of the primary suppliers in suspension industry. The company changed hands in the 1960’s and with this development, they also started operations are Pulaski and Oklahoma ceasing the operations at Cleveland. In the year 1970’s and 1980’s Gabriel set out to produce Hijackers and striders and it was in the year 1978 that they produced the first Gas Shock absorber. The gas charged absorbers gave way to the Struts and Gabriel became worldwide name in suspension industry. The latest innovations and advancements was the key to success for Gabriel as they have always outdone themselves from their competitors.
Pioneering Gabriel Products
The Gabriel takes pride in offering world class products not just in premium segment but also in standard section. All their ride control products have supreme material, a notch higher than the industry standard. Each shock absorber and strut piston is made from super finished chrome to give a lengthened lifetime and efficient performance for years together. Why Chrome? As chrome coating prevents any kind of erosion or rusting, keeping the rod smooth and debris free. The chrome rod has an added facet that it keeps the seal wear and tear to the minimum due to its smooth finish. And finally the chrome finish allows lubricants to spread evenly and give an extended life.
The Gabriel shock absorbers and struts are known for their precision and in house testing techniques. Over that last 100 years, people at Gabriel have worked towards improving the standard of it products and continuously innovate. Each product is carefully examined and then tested on vehicles for which it is designed. The proper fit test and ride test ensure that you get High quality ride control product with long lasting performance guarantee. The product development and testing efforts have unquestionably reinvented the Gabriel shocks and design from time to time.