Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gabriel Shocks – The Elite Shockers

Gabriel Shocks is a name that most of us are familiar with. They opened operations in 1900 when Clade Foster, Founder of Gabriel filed for patent of the first automotive direct Shock absorber, “The Gabriel Snubber”. Since then, Gabriel shocks have been the leader in technology and advancement in the field of suspension and ride control. They are attributed to many new innovative products that have certainly revolutionized the automotive industry. Considered as one of leaders in the shock absorbers and struts industry, Gabriel has a wide range of products to suit all your vehicle needs.
Function of Shock absorbers

Primarily, shock absorbers are extensively used in the vehicles suspension system and are a momentous part of automobile and motorcycle suspensions. While Gabriel shocks produce stock shockers for various models, they also have a large assortment of specialized shock absorbers that are used for racing purposes. In layman terms, Shock absorbers are a mechanical device that absorb or dampen shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy. Shock absorbers serve to smooth out bumps / shocks and work as dampener, thus improving ride quality and increasing comfort. While the old school springs can only store the energy, these shock absorbers actually help to dissipate or absorb energy. Spring-based shock absorbers encompass coil springs or leaf springs which are a rare commodity these days.
With advancement in technology and innovative line of products in the market, externally adjustable shock absorbers and automatically adjustable absorbers are the order of the day. They also make fine tuning a hassle free process. While some shock absorbers also facilitate in tuning of the ride through control of the valve by a physical adjustment, some employ automatic control for the right adjustment. The shock absorbers do not only avert bouncy ride, but also control the array of suspension movement. The specialized shock absorbers for racing vehicles are designed keeping in mind the speed and the beating they take on track and off track. A vehicle without shock absorbers would result in an appalling riding / driving experience as there would be no medium to absorb shock waves and dissipate the energy.
Rise of Gabriel Shocks
In the year 1900, Claude Fauster, a mastermind in the automotive industry was responsible for setting up a company named “Gabriel” after its first product (Gabriel Horse carriage horns) in Cleveland. The first shock absorber, known as ‘Snubber’ was a big hit and was granted the first US patent for direct shock absorbing parts. The company prospered and became one of the primary suppliers in suspension industry. The company changed hands in the 1960’s and with this development, they also started operations are Pulaski and Oklahoma ceasing the operations at Cleveland. In the year 1970’s and 1980’s Gabriel set out to produce Hijackers and striders and it was in the year 1978 that they produced the first Gas Shock absorber. The gas charged absorbers gave way to the Struts and Gabriel became worldwide name in suspension industry. The latest innovations and advancements was the key to success for Gabriel as they have always outdone themselves from their competitors.
Pioneering Gabriel Products
The Gabriel takes pride in offering world class products not just in premium segment but also in standard section. All their ride control products have supreme material, a notch higher than the industry standard. Each shock absorber and strut piston is made from super finished chrome to give a lengthened lifetime and efficient performance for years together. Why Chrome? As chrome coating prevents any kind of erosion or rusting, keeping the rod smooth and debris free. The chrome rod has an added facet that it keeps the seal wear and tear to the minimum due to its smooth finish. And finally the chrome finish allows lubricants to spread evenly and give an extended life.
The Gabriel shock absorbers and struts are known for their precision and in house testing techniques. Over that last 100 years, people at Gabriel have worked towards improving the standard of it products and continuously innovate. Each product is carefully examined and then tested on vehicles for which it is designed. The proper fit test and ride test ensure that you get High quality ride control product with long lasting performance guarantee. The product development and testing efforts have unquestionably reinvented the Gabriel shocks and design from time to time.


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