Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gabriel Shock Absorbers

The top of the line Gabriel shock absorbers are one way of ensuring that your car performs flawlessly. Basically, shocks and struts are an important part of the safety structure of your vehicle. They ensure that the performance of the vehicle is proper, and the braking etc. is assisted and maintained. Therefore, it is essential that the shocks and struts of your vehicle are always performing at their best. Whenever you notice that there are some underlying problems with the performance of your shocks, you should think about getting them replaced. As a rule, you should replace your shock absorbers after every 50,000 miles. When going for a replacement, the interesting options of Gabriel shocks prove to be the best.

Gabriel Max Control Shocks
The Gabriel Max Control shocks are one of the best Gabriel shock absorbers available from the stable of Gabriel. These shocks are designed to perform at their best and this is the reason why they have won some prestigious awards for the company. Successive winner of awards in North America, the Gabriel Max Control shocks have been outperforming their competition since a long time. Essentially designed for SUVs and trucks, these Gabriel struts and shocks can provide you the performance that you need in any terrain. These Gabriel shocks are known to provide the most comfortable ride due to the specifications with which it has been made. The shock absorbers have some specifications which make them highly responsive to the needs of the terrain. Overall, these Gabriel shocks prove to be a worthy replacement for the worn out shock absorbers of your SUV or truck.

Gabriel Hijacker Shocks

The Gabriel Hijacker shocks are another quality product that can help you in getting the performance that you need. These shocks are air adjustable and can be used to prevent the problem of bottoming out. Basically, these Gabriel shocks assist the truck when there is some towing or hauling required on a temporary basis. They can inflate and provide extra stability to the truck while it is towing the load. The promises made by these Gabriel are true and they stick to their performance and role in the worst conditions too. Overall, the different Gabriel shock absorbers have everything that you expect from a quality shock absorber.

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