Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gabriel Shocks vs Monroe Shocks

Gabriel Shocks vs Monroe Shocks – Leaders in innovation
Choosing the right set of shockers for your vehicle can certainly enhance the drive pleasure and augment the life of your vehicle. The answer to the question to whether opt for Gabriel shocks or go for a more premium Monroe shocks is rather difficult one. Opting for a new set of shocks can be a pain with myriad options available in the market today. Your best bet in this case is going with the shockers that your car manufacture recommends. Gabriel shocks and Monroe shocks are both leaders in car shockers and strut industry and have a long history of advancement.  It is highly recommended that you purchase shockers that fit well and come recommended by the car company.  Monroe and Gabriel have a wide variety of shock absorbers available both for heavy as well as light vehicles. They also have a huge arsenal of aftermarket products and special kits for off road and on road driving.
Gabriel Shock Absorbers
Gabriel Shocks is a reputed brand with a strong holding over the shock absorbers market. The main advantages that Gabriel has over other brands are ready to install units, after sales record and relatively low price. Shocks from Gabriel feature chrome plated 14mm piston which is finished to perfection to provide best in the class performance. We all know what kind of pounding our cars take in an off road adventure therefore Gabriel have a special series of fitments for the same purposes. The technology used in these absorbers is world class and the chambers are filled with highly pressurized Nitrogen Gas along with floating piston technology to enhance the performance in rugged areas. With a large 46 mm bore extension, the responsiveness and shock absorbing capabilities is increased manifold. For maintaining the temperature, the absorbers are made with seamless mono – tube design. As of this year, the prices range from $35 to $45 per set of absorbers depending on your need and the type of vehicle.
Monroe Shock Absorbers
Monroe absorbers are one of most coveted and performance oriented units. The primary facet of these shock absorbers is the austerity that helps your car from the worst conditions on or off road. The half inch nitro carburized piston rod helps the vehicle to adjust to any difficult condition giving the absorbers a longer lifespan.  One thing that differentiates Gabriel vs Monroe, is that Monroe shocks come with a self lubricating special seal to keep the pressurized Nitrogen gas in the tube. The tube comes with tapered grooves which perform the function of an extra valve to adjust to the road condition more effectively.
To differentiate between the two is a tough ask. Both are equally reputed companies that have been catering to our car fitting requirements from a long time. To sum this up, car enthusiasts who want a more performance oriented shock absorbers and can afford a tad higher priced fitments can opt for Monroe. Those who like to have rugged and long lasting in a limited budget can opt for Gabriel Shock absorbers.


  1. Those who like to have rugged and long lasting in a limited budget can opt for Gabriel Shock absorbers.

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  2. I had no idea that Monroe shock absorbers were so popular. My husband has been talking about trying to get some installed in his car for some time now. It definitely sounds like something that would be nice for him to have. How much would it typically cost to have them put in?

  3. Gabriel shocks and Monroe shocks are both leaders in car shockers and strut industry and have a long history of advancement. It is highly ...

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  5. Seeing the term of "shockers" used makes me think this opinion could be of British origin. I've been driving for 40 years and have done most of my car's maintenance. I see far more advertisement dollars spent by Monroe than Gabriel. That alone could explain the price differential. I've driven both and find little difference. I like Monroe's complete Strut & spring assembly for ease of replacement. I would recommend you buy what's on sale when you need replacement shocks.